IQ interior quality

We humans spend around 90% of our time indoors. It follows that the quality we achieve when we create our interiors plays an important role for our health and well-being. High quality interior space designed with an eye to promoting health offers clear and sustainable added value. Our susceptibility to disease declines significantly and our capacity to perform is enhanced. People are always up front and centre in the solutions we propose.

Competence, instruments and services

The experienced and broadly interdisciplinary team at Amstein + Walthert AG offers you comprehensive consulting services in the area of high quality IQ interior design throughout all phases of your building project from the feasibility study to project planning, tendering, construction and operation. We offer the following services:

  • Strategy development, reinforcement of client competence
  • Hazardous substance analyses in the context of site selection
  • Goals specification and catalogue, functional specifications document
  • Consulting during the planning process and site analysis
  • Product development consulting
  • Drafting of project-specific submission documents
  • Construction site monitoring and final inspections
  • Consulting in matters of certification: GI certification, Minergie (P/A) Eco, SNBS certificate, SGNI/DGNB, BREEAM, LEED and WELL

Our consulting portfolio covers all aspects of high quality interior design. We avail ourselves of the following instruments:

  • Temperature, moisture and draught: thermal building simulation, comfort metrics as per SIA 180
  • Acoustics, sound and noise: noise protection verification as per SIA 181 and LSV, reverberation time calculation and simulation, noise assessment, auralisation
  • Light: Daylight analyses using physical and digital model, glare assessment as per SN EN 12464, ergonomic evaluation, assessments of biodynamic light
  • Non-ionising radiation (NIR): concepts, calculation and simulation, measurements
  • Air pollutants, odours and radon: active and passive measurements as per ISO 16000, goals catalogue and building inspections/screening
  • Microbial contaminants: sedimentation analyses, MVOC measurements, house dust analyses; hygiene inspections as per SWKI VA-104-01
  • Work and health and safety: inspection and reporting as per Swiss Occupational Safety Act, Ordinances 3 and 4 (physiological aspects): collaboration with external specialists

Our claim

Thanks to our holistic and interdisciplinary approach, as well as our broad spectrum of tools, we offer unique consulting services in the area of high quality IQ interior design throughout Switzerland.


Andreas Huterer


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