The introduction of labels to certify real-estate development or renewal projects as «green» or «sustainable» is increasingly discussed, evaluated and realised on the Swiss real-estate market. Building certificates or «labels» are issued to designate the fulfilment of quality requirements that are specified and published by a certifying organisation. A building label thereby serves primarily as a form of quality assurance and public notification of excellence with respect to the criteria covered by the label in question. Labels offer prospective stakeholders (investors, owners, tenants, users, etc.) a basis for estimating the relative quality to be expected of a building.

The certification of real estate will be an essential factor in the future when it comes to representing the value and usability (e.g. for rental purposes) of real estate. This is why we are concerned to ensure a holistic and interdisciplinary approach from the very beginning of the project planning stage to the end life cycle of a given property.

We offer you extensive know-how in the area of sustainable building and guide you through the various certification procedures.


Certification of building sustainability

Are you interested in realising a sustainable building and having it certified as sustainable? We would be delighted to accompany your building project and help you reach your goals.

Our services in the area of building certification include:

  • 2000 Watt Site
  • LEED




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