Building renewal

The sustainable renewal of existing buildings is a complex but interesting task. We use a standardised procedure to develop the necessary basis for phase-appropriate decision making.


Object strategy

The establishment of an object strategy is a prerequisite for planning a building renewal. This task is usually handled in the framework of a workshop involving the participation of the developer / investor. The possible results include: keep, renew, replace, or sell.


Maintenance and renewal costs

Maintenance and renewal costs are important factors when it comes to developing a cash-flow model and assessing profitability. Depending on the specific requirements, the ascertainment and calculation of the necessary investment costs is carried out using the method of technical-facility depreciation, via key data or estimates of individual building elements.


Strategic report

The strategic report is a compact, but comprehensive three-part document:

  • The situation analysis essentially encompasses the current market conditions and the real estate site specifics.
  • The object analysis centres on a deeper assessment of the structural and technical condition of the real estate and its adequacy for various uses.
  • The cost-effectiveness analysis focuses on a comparison of the estimated costs of construction measures (object analysis) and the expected returns on investment (situation analysis).


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