Site-specific energy supply networks

Sites are often characterised by their heterogeneity of use. Industrial, commercial and residential buildings, each with their own energy supply requirements, may coexist in the same demarcated area. Each type of building has energy consumption requirements that differ from each other in terms of quality (energy value), quantity (energy amount) and time (time of consumption). Nonetheless, the smart linking of the various systems involved offers tremendous potential for achieving higher levels of energy efficiency and for lowering both primary energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases. One important prerequisite for identifying synergies is the ability to shift our vision from individual buildings and to focus on the site as a whole instead. Our experience with various projects has shown that the successful implementation of site-specific energy networks requires paying careful attention to the different types of energy use, the load density and the storage capacities.

Range of services:

  • Energy reduction strategies for existing developments
  • Energy and water supply master plans
  • Network planning and coordination
  • Total energy and water supply design
  • Realisation of interconnected energy Systems
  • Building renovations
  • Building engineering systems design (HLKKSE/GA)
  • Integrated energy management
  • Life cycle and cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Dynamic network modelling
  • Drafting of residual heat purchase contracts
  • Drafting of residual heat supply contracts


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