Photovoltaics have taken on greater significance in the area of building systems engineering, particularly since the government approved the private use of energy produced off-grid. Indeed, the Swiss power grid will see major changes in the near future in connection with the decentralised storage of solar power. We know the latest developments on the market and can competently advise you in all matters relating to solar power generation and use.

Our specialists help you to develop and manage your solar power projects by providing the following services:

  • Feasibility studies, pilot projects and comparison with alternative plans
  • Investment strategies for real estate portfolios
  • Private use optimisation
  • Building integration
  • Developer support and representation
  • Facilitation of feed-in remuneration and one-time remuneration options
  • Solar power strategies for PSCs
  • Proof of origin marketing
  • Founding of solar power cooperatives
  • Roof use contracts
  • Solar installation consulting programmes for energy cities and regions
  • Surge arresters and EMC


Architectural design

We offer architectural design services and guarantee cross-discipline competence from the planning phase to the construction phase and onward to the transfer of the photovoltaic installation to the developer. Our range of services includes:

  • Submission of applications for building permits, grants and design approvals
  • Selection of optimal designs and modules
  • Roof load configuration under consideration of snow loads, wind and dynamic pressure as per SIA 161
  • Design and calculation of internal and external surge arresters
  • Measurements, commissioning and maintenance
  • Yield monitoring
  • Thermography for purposes of analysis and error detection


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