Technical due diligence

Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive know-how, you receive reliable information within the framework of technical and/or environmental due diligence. This specific information makes it easier to evaluate your real estate, especially in light of the fact that real estate tends to be heterogeneous and transactions are often a matter of individual cases.

We take account of all of the relevant risks and opportunities. We are thereby able to keep you informed of all cost-relevant factors (especially with respect to purchase and sale) and irreversible risks. You are provided a basis for making decisions and establishing long-term security.

We draft technical due diligence reports in the context of appraisal for:

  • Transactions (purchase/sale)
  • Financing (mortgage)
  • Financial reporting (accounting, financial reporting standards, etc.)
  • Taxation (tax value, imputed rental value, etc.)
  • Performance measurement
  • Management information


Andreas Huterer


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