Sustainable real estate management

The additional consideration of relevant sustainability criteria in real estate management helps to lower your portfolio risk while ensuring constant or even higher returns.


Normative level: basic principles and objectives

Our approach is based on the normative principles that are applicable and/or are anticipated to become applicable in Switzerland and around the world, including the SIA, EU and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Working on behalf of and in consultation with public and private-sector investors, we develop appropriate target definitions and standards for your enterprise or portfolio structure.


Strategic level: specifications and guidelines

Using precise quantitative and qualitative objectives as a basis, we work together with you to develop an appropriate strategy and also to formulate this strategy in a set of guidelines.

We use a tool that we developed precisely for this purpose to quickly and efficiently carry out the segmentation of all of the properties in your portfolio and to thereby create a basis for the quantification of the development potential.


Operative level: rating procedures and corrective actions

We work with proven criteria catalogues to arrive at reliable appraisals of individual properties. The properties whose ratings are not satisfactory are subject to special detailed appraisals involving the application of the tool at a deeper level. The result is then used to draft a strategic report specifying the areas where corrective measures are to be implemented:

  • Site
  • Structural quality
  • Functionality
  • Operating costs (space efficiency)
  • Health and well-being
  • Design and use
  • Resources
  • Energy and ecology


Andreas Huterer


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