Object and portfolio analyses

We create comprehensive synergies between the real estate industry and the construction industry. A well-functioning inventory of buildings is an essential success factor for sustainable business models, both for private, institutional and public sector developers.


Top-down real estate portfolio evaluation

Careful analyses of real estate portfolios offer stakeholders an initial view of the existing property values and the potential for greater use. The results provide a basis for drafting strategic and operational real estate plans while at the same time revealing interfaces and dependencies to financial planning.

The two key indicators for energy consumption (kWh/m2a) and greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 kg/m2a) alone can also be used to conveniently evaluate large real estate portfolios in terms of their energy efficiency and climate protection performance.


Bottom-up real estate portfolio evaluation

The object analysis (function, substance and sustainability) encompasses all of the factors that are essential for strategic and operational real estate planning. The result of the analysis is a strategic report with all of the relevant decision criteria.


Real estate development

Our experienced specialists develop instruments and tools that are specifically geared for use in the real estate sector, for instance, especially at the interface between real estate development and building design. The goal here is to optimise the management processes, to enhance the information content and to integrate the relevant aspects of sustainability.


Our range of services

  • Guidelines and target definitions
  • CO2 strategies for real estate portfolios
  • Segmentation and rating of real estate portfolios (use potential)
  • Sustainable real estate management
  • Technical due diligence (function, substance and sustainability)
  • Current state analyses and object strategies
  • Variation studies, cost-benefit analyses, feasibility studies


Andreas Huterer


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