Information and data management

In these times of advancing digitalisation, we support you when it comes to the information and data management of your real estate. As the experienced consultant at your side, the manager of your real estate or your trustee, we make sure that your information and data are complete and consistent over the entire life cycle of your real estate. This allows you to concentrate on your core business.

Do you have any questions about information and data management, in particular with regard to novel technologies such as BIM? With our support, you draft product specification documents for the evaluation and implementation of ICT applications in the planning, construction and operation phases of your real estate. We enable you to define specifications for the necessary information and data, commission the drafting and updating processes, control the information and data and ensure their secure storage and distribution. If you wish, you can entrust your information and data to us.


Competence, sources and services

Our competence is based on:

  • Our experience helping owners, planners and operators when it comes to the evaluation, acquisition and implementation of suitable ICT applications (e.g. project data rooms, CAFM systems, etc.)
  • Our experience in the implementation of BIM solutions

We make use of the following sources:

  • The latest technological standards and statutory provisions
  • Our involvement in professional associations through which our innovative ideas and extensive project experience flow into the latest industry standards

 Our services:

  • Consulting in all matters of information and data management for real estate
  • Management and organisation of information and data processes in the planning, construction and operation of real estate
  • Management and organisation of BIM and CAFM projects
  • Information and data trust

Our claim

When entrusted to play a role in your projects, we assume responsibility for the entire life cycle of your real-estate assets. Bringing our economic, ecological and social competence to bear, we work together with you to develop better solutions:

  • We ensure that your project, object, construction and operation information and data are available in the necessary quality and at the right time and place.
  • Acting in the capacity of an information and data trustee, we help you as the real-estate owner to secure compliance with ever expanding legal obligations relating to transparency and verification.


Thomas Kral


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