Data room

Offer your employees and business partners a virtual data room for efficient and professional cooperation. With a virtual data room as a consistent and secure data space, you effectively establish a basis for ensuring that the information of your employees and business partners is up to date and available when needed.

The storage and retrieval of information, data and documents of all kinds has come to represent a daily challenge as we witness the rapid advancement of digitisation and interconnectedness. You increasingly face the question as to the location and currency of the information you need. Whether in the context of specific projects or with respect to the entire life cycle of real-estate properties, we are convinced of the necessity of central platforms that remain available to all stakeholders at all times, platforms that are easy to use and that can be integrated into your existing work environment. This is an indispensable condition for effective cooperation.

Standard functions

  • Access to information and data independent of time and location
  • Online/offline processing, automatic versioning, encryption options, multi-factor authentication, etc.
  • Customised support via adaptable SLAs

Intelligent document storage

  • Structuring according to document properties
  • Quicker property-based document searches
  • Cross-project document comparability

Reproduction services

  • Printing and plotting services covering all common formats
  • Ordering status viewable at all times via print template
  • Swiss-wide delivery service

Cooperation and communication

  • Web tools for joint document processing
  • Chat applications for the efficient handling of queries and decision making
  • Joint logbooks for transparent project work

Project management

  • Organise your project from a single office
  • Visualise project status for all project participants
  • Promote project cohesion

Enhanced security

  • Enhanced data and access security
  • Dedicated environments
  • Customised identity, backup and incident management

Supplemental services

Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer you competent consulting services when it comes to implementing virtual data rooms and storage and structuring options for your project, object, construction and operation-related process data. We also support you when it comes to the management of your information and data.


Thomas Kral


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