Energy control systems

A comprehensive understanding of the flow of energy within an enterprise is the key to its optimisation and to reducing costs. Measuring concepts provide a basis for selecting smart approaches. Working together with you, we set the reference targets that enable you to stay on track.

Energy monitoring systems enable the continuous recording of operating conditions and energy use data that are stored in a database.

The recorded data are then used by the energy monitors as a basis for regular status reports. This enables the early detection of system malfunctions or any deviations from the reference targets. For instance, attention is called immediately to a malfunctioning valve or a program update that has altered important parameter settings.

In order to bring the building back on track, one of the most frequent measures that is implemented is operational optimisation, which distinguishes itself in terms of its short payback period.

Our experience shows that smart energy control systems can enable enterprises to sustainably lower their energy consumption by 5% to 15%. We can also help you to devise and implement an efficient and user-friendly energy control system. And thanks to our experience and structured approach, we’ll be able to find a suitable solution that optimally matches your existing system environment.


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