Energy management concepts

Energy management concepts typically show a number of viable ways of meeting the energy needs of a building or an entire development site. Working together with our clients, we define criteria of evaluation and alternative plans. The individual plans are quantified and compared to one another. This enables us to specify and recommend the plan that offers the greatest long-term utility. The support we provide in the context of helping you develop an effective energy management concept includes the following services:

  • Identification of your present energy needs (temperature levels, output and energy supply volumes) and your future energy needs (e.g. on the basis of possible development scenarios)
  • Definition of viable means of energy supply and distribution
  • Quantification of the alternative plans with reference to final energy consumption and operating costs (energy, operation and maintenance costs, as well as CO2 emission fees, etc.)
  • Comparison of annual costs, space requirements and other factors
  • Alternative plan evaluation and final recommendation

It is only by working together with the client and keeping abreast of the latest technological developments that we are able to arrive at an optimal energy management concept. Innovation almost always pays in this regard.


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