Energy consumption analyses

Carrying out energy consumption analyses (ECAs) allows us to identify relevant energy consumers and ascertain the potential for enhancing energy efficiency. For instance, we identify sources of heat loss and show how this energy can be recovered. Energy consumption analyses provide a basis for drafting optimisation-measures catalogues with cost-benefit calculations and the resulting reduction in CO2 emissions.

We offer the following services in the framework of drafting our energy consumption analyses:

  • Identification and representation of the flow of both electrical and thermal energy (heat/cold) in an energy flow diagram
  • Measurements (as needed)
  • Identification of main consumers and energy flow patterns, including heat loss and temperature levels from the perspective of both production and consumption
  • Definition of short, medium and long-term measures to enhance your energy efficiency performance
  • Cost-benefit, ROI and CO2 reduction calculations are a continuous feature of our energy consumption analyses.


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