Private sector developers

While energy consulting usually takes place in connection with specific new building, conversion or renovation projects, it can also be essential when it comes to the establishment of real estate development strategies.

This area of consulting represents one of the main services in Amstein + Walthert's comprehensive range of consulting services.

We begin by conferring with the developer to determine the extent of the desired services. Typical service modules include:

  • Heat replacement study
  • CBEC: cantonal building energy certificate
  • Insulation measures and their expected utility
  • Solar energy check

In providing these services, Amstein + Walthert makes use of a repertoire of its own and externally developed tools to calculate investment and life cycle costs and environmental impact factors.

All reporting measures are individually adapted to the basic assignment and its representation in the form of a project. This strategy enables Amstein + Walthert to cover a full range of services that take account of a property's entire life cycle.


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