Power supply systems (cable lines, transformers etc.), railways, electronic devices and numerous distribution and transmission stations for various radio installations (GSM, UMTS, WLAN etc.) all generate non-ionising radiation (NIR). Depending on its intensity, NIR can have a negative effect on human health. The Swiss Federal Council enacted the NIR Ordinance in 1999 to protect the population against the hazards associated with non-ionising radiation.

The complex nature of the subject itself, our lack of sensory organs to perceive NIR, a continuing need for further research and general uncertainty about the health risks involved provide fertile ground for speculation and various fears.

We are committed to keeping abreast of the latest technological developments and to solving any problems quickly and competently and with the minimum of red tape. Know-how is essential. Know-why is also one of our core competencies.


EMC and building systems engineering

A lot of attention is paid in the case of building projects to requirements such as room temperature, daylight, artificial light, etc. However, in addition to the above-mentioned factors, the creation of healthy interiors also depends on a reduction in non-ionising radiation.

We use our EMC consulting services to make sure that the relevant issues are addressed at an early planning stage.


EMC and the environment

We consider the impact of NIR on the environment to make sure that the latter is protected. We work actively to achieve this goal.


EMC and security

We provide support for systematic and effective approaches to system and data security. In particular, we draft integral security concepts based on risk analyses and various specifications, including security standards, risk evaluations, statutory requirements and standard operating procedures. Our services support and promote systematic and effective approaches to risk management and facilitate concepts that offer optimally balanced protection.


EMC and devices

We provide critical support when it comes to the development of electronic/electrical devices and systems. Our aim here is to ensure that potential sources of malfunction are eliminated in the development phase and do not lead to unexpected costs and delays at a later stage.


Our EMC specialists at www.maxwave.ch are also an NISV Testing Agency (Type C).

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