Building physics simulation

In the context of thermal building physics, methods of simulation and numeric calculation are applied in many different specialist areas.

  • Dynamic thermal building simulation (IDA ICE) allows us to evaluate the interior thermal conditions and overall energy needs of a building while taking into account the building's environment, architecture, structural elements and various fluctuating parameters such as the weather and occupant behaviour.
  • Airflow simulation (FloVENT) allows us to analyse the thermal ambient conditions at a higher level of detail and to identify the causes of discomfort zones (e.g. cold air down draughts, draughts, etc.).
  • Dynamic heat and moisture transmission simulation (WUFI 1D/2D) allows us to examine the behaviour of moisture within a building and to prevent the development of moisture-related damage.
  • Two and three-dimensional thermal bridge calculations (Flixo, Antherm) allow us to assess the impact of weak spots in the building envelope.


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