Building physics consulting

Building physics plays an important role in the overall comfort and well-being we experience when inside a building. We support you when it comes to arriving at a design that will ensure a pleasant and healthy ambience, energy efficiency and greater work and leisure comfort in your new or renovated building.

A smart building design can help to ensure thermal comfort in all seasons without increasing your energy consumption. Smart designs also help to prevent surface and structural damage.

Our main consulting goals include:

  • Minimisation of heat loss in the winter (thermal protection in the winter)
  • Compliance with energy standards (MINERGIE, MINERGIE-P)
  • Prevention of overheating in the summer (thermal protection in the summer)
  • Prevention of damage (moisture protection)

You can benefit from our design experience regardless of whether you are planning a new construction, a renovation or an energy optimisation Project.


Marcus Knapp (Zürich)


Phone +41 44 305 91 11


Sebastian Krämer (Chur)


Phone +41 81 253 00 43


Martin Python (Genève)


Phone +41 22 749 83 80