Acoustical engineering consulting

Good acoustics play an important role in the overall comfort and well-being we experience when inside a building. We offer consulting services in the area of acoustical design that will help you to ensure a pleasant and healthy ambience, as well as greater work and leisure comfort, in your new or renovated building.

Noise control is an important design parameter, especially in densely populated urban settings. Suitable measures must be implemented to ensure that the noise generated on your own property does not diminish the acoustic atmosphere of neighbouring properties and vice versa.

Reaching an optimal alignment between the structural features of a building and the building's use is an essential step in the design process. It is important in this context to factor in suitable noise control elements that protect against airborne sound and impact sound. The components of the technology installed in the building must also be integrated in a manner that ensures a minimisation of potentially annoying noise development.

Well-balanced acoustics that take account of a building's various uses are an important prerequisite for the creation of pleasant interior spaces. Speech transmission quality is of particular significance.


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