Competence centre

The 2000 Watt Society has emerged in recent years as a benchmark for all stakeholders in Switzerland who are active in planning the future of energy supply. Federal, cantonal, city, municipal and trade-association representatives are all working together to work out the details of this energy-supply goal.

The 2000 Watt Society Competence Centre was founded in December 2012 in connection with these developments. Represented in the three main language regions of Switzerland, the aim of the CC is to provide clear and competent information about the goals and instruments of the 2000 Watt Society. The activities, commitment and know-how of experts, interest groups and private individuals is to be bundled and coordinated so as to help increase public awareness of this important vision.


Thomas Blindenbacher


Phone +41 44 305 91 11


Gilles Desthieux (Genève)


Phone +41 22 749 83 24


Perla Colamesta (Lausanne)


Phone +41 21 557 23 78