2000 Watt site certificate

How should you approach the task of developing a site these days so as to ensure its success on the market? And at the same time guarantee that it remains economically and ecologically sustainable in the long term?

The aim of the 2000 Watt site certificate programme is to distinguish large civil engineering projects that can demonstrate a sustainable use of resources, low emissions and low-impact mobility concepts in connection with the construction and operation of buildings. The programme is popular among investors on account of the marketing advantages it introduces and its flexibility compared to other certification programmes. For instance, differences between buildings and between types of energy use can balance one another out in a composite assessment. Public agencies value the certificate as an instrument for establishing energy standards for public and private property. It thereby corresponds to the goals of the 2000 Watt Society and helps to ensure compliance even during the operation phase.

As an accredited 200 Watt site consultant we accompany private developers and investors from the first feasibility study to certification in the development phase and recertification in the operation phase. We also provide public agencies with crucial information for the political process and accompany them as far as the implementation of demanded 2000 Watt sites.


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