Waste disposal

We see a lot of potential for the recycling and reuse of raw materials in the context of waste disposal. We attempt to recover and recycle valuable materials and thereby extend the life cycle of many products. Maximum energy production, the promotion of t regional value chains and their exploitation requires innovative approaches. For instance, old wood, waste materials and even heat can be redeployed. It is often worth setting aside conventional strategies and taking a careful look at the actual conditions. Synergistic potential is often available for exploitation in the region. As early as the project conception phase, we are continuously on the lookout for synergistic effects in the areas of heat production and waste water use. The integration of refuse incineration plants into district heat grids, for instance, is a well-known and effective approach. Making use of the ground as a heat-storage medium required a pioneering spirit at the beginning, however, nowadays it is an approach that is successfully implemented. Heat that used to be allowed to simply dissipate into the environment because no further use for it was possible, can be used today to heat buildings. Doing so reduces energy costs and allows us to get a step closer to meeting the conditions outlined in the Energy Strategy 2050. We support careful approaches to the use of scarce resources and thereby make a contribution to a sustainable future.


Marc Häusermann (Zurich)


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