Public utilities

We are committed to working closely together with public utilities. This facilitates the exploitation of synergies and the successful establishment of future-oriented, economically and ecologically sustainable strategies at a political level. We develop integral solutions for individual, multi-facility and large-scale private and public-sector power and water-supply projects. In approaching these projects, we identify sources of heat and cooling that are available for use (cascade system) or that can be optimally deployed in another system. It is therefore crucial for us to think outside the box and to consider new definitions of the interfaces between the various systems of a building. Our primary aim is to establish a secure supply of energy and water. We remain in continuous contact with research institutions (universities), government offices and utility companies. We are committed to the implementation of sustainable solutions and we strive to reach the goals of the 2000 Watt Society whenever possible. We also work to implement the Federal Council's Energy Strategy 2050.


Marc Häusermann (Zurich)


Phone + 41 44 305 91 66