Logistics concerns the transport, storage and transhipment of goods and persons. In the wake of the interdependence and globalisation of our economies, logistics has emerged as a major industry whose services are transacted in the air and on water, roads and railways. Logistics moves. Solutions that take account of complex supply chains are in ever greater demand. In light of important economic and ecological considerations, precisely devised concepts in this area must deliver what they promise. Other factors such as cooling chains and best-by dates apply in particular to food product logistics. In this area we work together closely with our clients in the food industry. New process requirements and optimisations are continuously tested and are incorporated in the current, often rolling planning. We also have extensive experience in the design and technical implementation of large storage facilities and transhipment terminals.

Given the energy-intensive nature of the logistics industry, we focus on the development of efficient solutions in our planning. Efficient logistical solutions are essential in a society that is changing ever faster. That is why we keep abreast of the latest developments.


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