Food industry

Most consumers today regard it as self-evident that the food they buy is fresh, wholesome and inexpensive. The fact that this is almost always the case is also a matter of proper building design and building systems engineering. We know all about implementing these high standards and we offer a comprehensive range of services from a single source. The food industry in particular relies heavily on accurate temperature control at the various junctures in the supply chain and on 100% compliance with all hygiene specifications in all areas of production. We have many years of experience in providing design and construction services to the leading food producers in Switzerland that offer pastries and other baked goods, logistics, as well as convenience food. These producers also qualify as major consumers of energy.

We would also be delighted to advise you and work out the best and most efficient and sustainable solutions for your large and small projects in the food industry. Efficient and sustainable.


Marc Häusermann (Zurich)


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