The field of education is subject to continuous change. Switzerland has the benefit of an excellent educational system, a system that can be quickly and flexibly optimised thanks to the federal delegation of decision-making to the cantons. The buildings and technical facilities used to house and support the educational system also need to be optimised and flexible to meet the challenges associated with the continuous change. The diverse types of use and the various specifications that apply within a building require concepts capable of meeting the relevant demands. The various technical requirements play a major role in this regard. Kindergartens, for instance, require an infrastructure that is completely different from what is appropriate for a secondary school or a university. Diverse building uses can be successfully accommodated by proper advice and individually accessible building systems. Amstein + Walthert is able to offer the right solutions here thanks to its extensive experience. We are committed to the continuous advancement of our know-how and to mastering the latest developments in engineering in the interest of our clients.

The creation of an optimal environment for conveying and acquiring knowledge is the ultimate aim of design and consulting services for the builders of educational facilities. This includes building systems engineering that supports teachers and students.

When helping you realise your projects, we always keep track of the life cycle costs and energy efficiency so as to make sure that your project is also successful in the long term.


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