Working at A+W

Discover our world: What can you expect from us as an employer? What is our corporate culture and what values are important to us? What are our conditions of employment and how do we support our employees?

Our corporate culture

We regard our employees as the real capital behind our enterprise. They are the focus of our attention! We're committed to a corporate culture of open communication, cooperation, fair working conditions and mutual respect and trust. We also promote a culture in which all of our employees have the opportunity to develop their talents. Solid channels of communication and a spirit of cooperation both inside the company and throughout Switzerland are important to us. Our company events and our year-end dinner offer ideal platforms for employees to meet together outside their workplaces and establish and maintain relationships with other employees from other locations in Switzerland.


Our employment conditions

Fair, market-oriented wages, progressive work conditions, exemplary benefits and many other advantages form the basis of our employment conditions. It is important to us to offer appropriately flexible work-time models to make sure that our employees, no matter what their position, are able to maintain a healthy balance of work, recreation and family life. Given our commitment to equality of opportunity at the workplace, we work to promote gender equality and prevent any form of discrimination.

Our commitment

Aware of our responsibilities as an employer, we are committed to doing what is necessary to ensure the well-being of our employees and we make every effort to provide them with an attractive work environment as well as ideal conditions for their personal and professional development. By way of honouring the personal initiative and time commitment of our employees, we offer a wide range of opportunities for advanced training, including an attractive internal syllabus (A+W University) and financial support for selected external training programmes. We aim to help our employees enhance their skills and professional prospects.

It is naturally not only our employees who profit from these opportunities. Individuals with professional and social skills are good workers and reflect well on our entire enterprise.