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Welcome to our apprenticeship page! At the Amstein + Walthert engineering firm, we give top priority to the task of educating young specialists in the central fields of electrical engineering and building systems engineering. By providing a sound and well-organised educational programme, Amstein + Walthert aims to attract individuals who meet the prerequisites for the profession, for the enterprise and for advanced training at college level. Your training at Amstein + Walthert will give you an opportunity to have a look at the fascinating world of engineering at an excellent engineering firm. What awaits you here is an atmosphere in which people approach one another in a respectful, open and uncomplicated manner. Throughout your apprenticeship you'll be supported by our teaching staff and by a number of helpful company employees, people who can help you prepare for a smooth entry into your professional career.

Amstein + Walthert has been approved as a training institution that supports competitive sports. This means we give you the opportunity to seriously advance your sporting career alongside your professional career. You’ll receive the best possible support from your vocational teacher, and we’ll also create an additional agreement tailored to your specific circumstances, in which the time off for competitive sports is regularly recorded.

Would you like join us? We have many exciting and attractive apprenticeships on offer. Have a look for yourself or simply contact us at any time.

«Romantik» für Ingenieure - Corsin Steiner, Lernender von Amstein + Walthert