Work-study programmes

Have you already gained a good understanding of your field while completing your studies? And are you interested in a work-study programme that would give you an opportunity to put theory into practice? We're looking for motivated and interested individuals who are eager to learn and who would like to prepare themselves for their careers with a work-study programme.

In addition to working in an office, you will also get to know the practical aspects of engineering assignments at various project locations -- a good way to get a closer look at what could be your future career.

At Amstein + Walthert, we offer work-study programmes in various departments. Work-study jobs in the area of energy and environmental engineering, as well as facility management are always available at our headquarters in Zurich. If you are interested in a work-study job at Amstein + Walthert at another location or in another field, submit a spontaneous application to the location of your choice.