A+W University

Our own "A+W University" training programmes aim to develop and reinforce the overall competence of our enterprise by increasing the knowledge and the skills of our employees. This is how we secure access for our enterprise to the business markets of the future. Our instructors are largely our own employees who are skilled at conveying what they know to their colleagues.


Work tools

We are committed to using the latest technical tools. We pass on the latest findings in the context of the programmes we offer. We assemble and test the latest work tools in our research and development department. The current focus of our research efforts is on building information modelling (BIM) and the simulation of complex projects.


Specialist knowledge

We promote the acquisition of cross-discipline knowledge and integral thinking. We are also committed to encouraging the practical exchange of ideas and experiences such as the application of new standards and the latest research findings.



Events such as art exhibitions, readings and inspections of exciting projects have a positive impact on Amstein + Walthert's corporate culture and promote cross-discipline exchange.


Personality training

We aim to promote the personal development and social skills of our employees in the interest of successful internal and external representation. This training programme is very popular and is offered by external coaches.



Some of the courses on special fields, work tools and personality training are offered in the context of the PRECISO programme. Our own PRECISO design system enables us to ensure that our design processes are completed efficiently, according to high standards of quality and in accordance with SIA 108.


Jutta Jacobs


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