Facts & figures

Legal form

Public limited company, holding company


CHF 1.5 million (100% employee subscribed)


  • 115 electrical engineers
  • 115 HVAC and plumbing system engineers
  • 82 architects and researchers (energy, ecology, building physics, lighting, facility management)
  • 410 designers, technicians, construction specialists and assistants
  • 23 financial specialists, administrators and computer scientists
  • 75 apprentices

Total employees: 820

Membership of the following associations

SIA, USIC, SWKI, SLG, suissetec, IFMA Schweiz, IHS, Electrosuisse, VSEI, swisscleantech, Swissolar, VSS, FEZ, GNI, KNX Swiss, MeGA, NNBS, Piarc, SGA, swissgee, BAUEN DIGITAL SCHWEIZ


ISO 9001, ISO 50001 (Amstein + Walthert AG, Zurich)


Personal injury and property damage: CHF 20 million
Building and asset damage: CHF 5 million